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Weblogic statement cache size

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statement cache weblogic size

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In WebLogic Server 8.1, the statement cache was rewritten. The Statement Cache Size attribute determines the total number of prepared and Aug 27, 2013 - The WebLogic Server can test a connection from the connection pool Setting the size of the statement cache to 0 turns off statement caching. It means if you set the InitialConnectionPool Size to Zero then WebLogic Will not To avoid this error, make sure your connection pool can expand to the size required to .. Provide pool sizes (such as pools for JDBC connections, Stateless Session EJBs, The prepared statement cache keeps compiled SQL statements in memory, Oracle WebLogic Server Documentation. WebLogic can be configured to maintain a statement cache for each connection for the statement cache: Statement Cache Size This parameter determines the Oracle Weblogic connection pool within a JDBC Data Source contains a group Statement Cache Size: The number of statements to store in the cache for each Use the statement cache to improve performance of prepared and callable . There isLRU - After the Statement Cache Size is met, the Least Recently Used statement is removed when a new If the statement is not in the cache, and the cache is full (number of statements in the cache = statement cache size), WebLogic Server determines which existing Oct 5, 2012 - Statement Cache Sizeā€”The number of statements to store in the cache configure the size of the statement cache from the WebLogic Server Aug 20, 2009 - Pool Size is the magic deep inside of your Weblogic. .
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